The main factors to consider if you are searching for mobile homes for rent are safety, cost and the location. In addition, you also have to assess other factors like the terms of agreement and other regulations.

Protected vs. Unprotected Sites

Simply put, a mobile home on a protected site means the homeowner or renter will have more protection from the law. They also have more rights and privileges than those on unprotected sites. These rights will vary per state. However, in almost all cases, one has more protection when it comes to eviction.

Checking the Site License

Before you move in to the site, ask for a copy of its license. The license should confirm it has planning permission. There should also be a permit from the local council.

Mobile homes for rent on protected sites have to meet certain standards. That’s another advantage over those on unprotected sites; at least you will have an idea of what to expect when you get there.

Perform a Site Inspection

When you’ve read the license, inspect the site to see if it matches the standards as set forth in the license. Next, make certain the fire safety precautions are installed properly.

If there are numerous mobile homes in the area, the spacing should be adequate. You should also check for the availability of basic necessities like sewerage, water and electricity.

Does the Owner Lease the Land?

When looking for mobile homes for rent, check if the site owner owns the land or just leases it. If it’s the latter, check how long the lease is. The lease duration determines how long you can stay in the place.

If the lease is good for five years, you may have to vacate the premises at the end of that period. If this info isn’t on the license, ask the owner.

Check if the Owner Belongs to an Organization

There should be a local organization for mobile homes in your area. Sites that belong to an organization are typically more organized. Also check if the organization provides the home with some sort of warranty.

Break Down the Costs

Mobile homes for rent have widely differing rates. How much is the monthly charge? What are the penalties if you fail to pay on time? How often have the prices spiked up over the past several years? The monthly dues are just one aspect to assess. What about the service charges? Get information about how the utility costs are calculated.

Check the Rules and Guidelines

If you have a pet, read the regulations carefully, because some sites have very strict rules concerning pets. Some mobile home sites also have very specific rules concerning guests. You’ll also want to check if there are provisions that allow the owner to change the rules without informing the renter.

There are lots of mobile homes for rent, but you can simplify the process of choosing. By checking the site license, the rules on pets and the costs, you’ll know exactly what you are getting into.